Jeevan M.B and Sandhya Jeevan | Ernakulam

We, Jeevan M.B and Sandhya Jeevan, parents of Jagath Jeevan M, 2022-23 XII batch are extremely happy and proud that our child is called a bhavanite.

Bhavans Vidya Mandir, Eroor has all the facilities for the proper upbringing of a child from bud to bloom. The school has all the basic infrastructure needed for the development of children. It is a very organized school with outstanding teachers, able management and supportive staff. They provide the students with ample opportunities to shine in academics as well as sports and other co-curricular activities, which helps them find their areas of interest and future path ahead. The school also imparts good culture, values and civilization thereby developing them into model citizens of tomorrow.

So, overall we would say it is an illustrious school which excels in all fields, be it teaching, administration, student-teacher and parent-teacher relartions, co-curricular and sports, where any parent can send their ward with a carefree and peaceful mind.

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